Linemen recognized for National Lineman Appreciation Day

Linemen recognized for National Lineman Appreciation Day
Alabama Power employee working to repair poles and cables in Hoover after a storm. (file)

Alabama Power, with other electric utilities and customers across the nation, says “thank you” to linemen on April 18.

Lineman Steven Crouch has worked with Alabama Power for eight years. Growing up in Eufaula, he watched Alabama Power crews at work and decided that’s what he wanted to do one day.

“I spent a lot of time outdoors growing up. I would see the line crews and think that would be nice, being outside, doing something different every day,” Crouch said.

Crouch, who played football at Huntingdon College, said a line crew is as tight-knit of a team as he has ever been on. “It’s the same kind of feeling,” he said. “We are a team and operate like one. We look after each other. Our goal is to work every day safely.”

One of the most memorable events as a lineman for Crouch was traveling to storm-ravaged areas of New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy.

“Seeing the relief in people’s faces when their electric service was restored and hearing how grateful they were really gave us a warm feeling,” he said. “Knowing that you are providing a needed service is a nice thing.”

The Eufaula line crew responded recently when a tornado touched down in Henry County. Despite having several poles down and transformers out, power was restored in a safe and timely manner.

“We also had straight-line winds blow through Eufaula earlier in the week,” said Jim Freind, Southeast Division Distribution manager. “In both cases, the crew exceeded my expectations in restoring power.”

In addition to serving the company’s 1.4 million customers in Alabama, Alabama Power linemen are often called away from their families to restore power in neighboring states after major storms. On April 5, every region of Alabama was affected as crews restored service to more than 79,000 customers.

Alabama Power has more than 1,300 Transmission and Distribution covered employees who work to keep the lights on every day. Though not all of their titles are “lineman,” all work on the system to ensure the lights stay on in Alabama.

Crouch is but one example of the linemen being recognized on National Lineman Appreciation Day. The Alabama Legislature has designated the first Monday of June to recognize “these brave men and women who are essential to the protection of our communities and our nation.”

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