On this day in Alabama history: Woman struck by meteorite was born

On this day in Alabama history: Woman struck by meteorite was born
Hewlett and Ann E. Hodges stand with a police officer in the living room of their home near Sylacauga in Talladega County. The hole in the ceiling above them was made by a meteorite that crashed through the roof of the house on Nov. 30, 1954. (From Encyclopedia of Alabama, courtesy of University of Alabama Museums)

February 2, 1920

Ann Hodges was born on this day in 1920 — and later became famous for being at the wrong place at an astronomically right time. In November 1954, she was napping in her living room in the Oak Grove community near Sylacauga, when an object crashed through her roof, smashed the radio console, and bounced off her hand and hip. That eight-and-a-half pound object was later verified to be part of a meteorite, which had triggered several aerial explosions as it fractured. Many people had witnessed the event. Hodges’ mother was in the other room, and rushed in to find her daughter, and a large hole in the roof. Scientists verified that she had indeed been struck by a rock from space — and at that time was the only known human being to survive such an encounter.

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