Administrators of Project Share help clients by providing hope and funds

Administrators of Project Share help clients by providing hope and funds
John Stamps is the Director of Operations of The Salvation Army of Greater Birmingham and helps administer Project Share to help Alabamians with their utility bills. (Keisa Sharpe)

Alabama sees its share of extreme weather – from cold winters which increasingly include snowfall; stormy springs with high winds and heavy rains; to extreme summers with sweltering temperatures.

These peaks in weather conditions can cause Alabamians to use more energy to heat and cool their homes, which can lead to higher utility bills.

For those needing help, there is some relief through neighbors helping neighbors.

Project SHARE, Service to Help Alabamians with Relief on Energy, helps residents needing assistance with their utility, heating and cooling bills.

The program is administered by The Salvation Army of Greater Birmingham.

One Fairfield resident who’s been living in her home for more than 30 years has received assistance from the program to help pay her bills.

“The program has really been helpful for me because it allowed me to pay my bills and provide for my family. I’m grateful for that.”

Project SHARE provides help to Alabamians in 58 counties.

The organization works with partner agencies who function as “feet on the ground” to help interview the clients and assess their needs.

Once that information is given to the nonprofit agency and a family qualifies for assistance, payments are made directly to the energy supplier on the individual or family’s behalf.

According to John Stamps, the Director of Operations at The Salvation Army of Greater Birmingham who oversees Project Share, the program provides hope and security to clients.

Stamps said the program operates throughout the year, but peak requests come in the summer and winter months. The program is sustained by the generosity of Alabamians who contribute to help their neighbors.

The Social Services entrance of the Salvation Army in Birmingham. (Keisa Sharpe)

There are three ways to give to Project SHARE.

  • Give directly to Project SHARE through the Salvation Army by calling 205-328-2420.
  • Mail donations to The Salvation Army, 2015 26th Avenue North, Birmingham, 35234. Designate “Project SHARE” on the check.
  • Check the “Project SHARE” box on your power bill and give via mail or online.

In addition to individual donations, here’s a look at the companies which support Project SHARE:

  • Alabama Power.
  • Black Warrior EMC.
  • Central Alabama Electric Cooperative.
  • Cullman Electric Cooperative.
  • South Alabama Electric Cooperative.
  • Andalusia Utilities.
  • Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative.
  • Baldwin EMC.
  • Wiregrass Electric.
  • Southern Pine Electric.

Project SHARE has been serving Alabamians since 1952.

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