Gin Woe is an Alabama Maker painting Gulf Coast beauty with touches of whimsy

Gin Woe is an Alabama Maker painting Gulf Coast beauty with touches of whimsy
Ginger Woechan spends many hours at the city of Mobile's Art Center either painting or teaching others how to paint. (Dennis Washington / Alabama NewsCenter)

Ginger Woechan Art (Mobile)

The Maker: Ginger Woechan

Ginger Woechan paints for two reasons: because she loves to paint and because many of the people who buy her work become close friends.

“When I sell work to people, I usually become friends with them. It’s almost like they are family because they have a piece of my heart. It’s my art.”

Coastal paintings bring happiness to Mobile artist Gin Woe from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

Woechan, better known as “Gin Woe,” is an art teacher at the city of Mobile’s Art Center at Lavretta Park. She started working there six years ago, giving her the opportunity to paint full time.

“I’m maybe staying up until 12 at night, but that’s my life. It’s my passion. It’s what drives me. I’m blessed to have that.”

Woechan moved to Mobile in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina devastated her home in Louisiana. She admits there are still days she wants to move back, but that “wanderlust” has faded thanks to the growing number of friends in Mobile who have bought her work and encouraged her.

“I really am fascinated by my own life. Every time I go around another bend, something new and enchanting is happening. I’m just along for the ride. I love that.”

Woechan started painting early in life, inspired by her mother and great-grandfather who were both artists. By age 15, she was selling her paintings.

“Mom told me to get a job or sell my art, so I started selling cardboard paintings. I was shocked people would buy my art at $30 or $40.”

Woechan’s love for Vincent Van Gogh — particulary his “Starry Night” painting, heavily influenced her abstract, expressionist style.

“I consider myself an expressionist because everything is coming from how I’m expressing myself on the canvas, from what I’m feeling.”

Almost all of her paintings revolve around her love for the Gulf Coast, including the iconic skylines of Mobile and New Orleans.

“My paintings are not traditional and not photorealistic. They are whimsical and just a little off, like me. I paint what I love.”

In her spare time, Woechan sells art at Jackson Square in New Orleans or at art shows along the Gulf Coast. She has also signed on to paint a mural outside of Hayley’s Bar in Mobile.

“It will highlight some local heroes who aren’t always noticed, people around the community who do good things. It will be one of my Mardi Gras, jazzy fun scenes I do of downtown Mobile. I’m excited about it.”

Woechan says she’s looking for a place in Mobile to showcase her art. Until then, she says the best way to buy her art is contacting her through Facebook or visiting her at art shows.

“I feel so honored that anyone would buy a piece of my work, and then you would continue to support me is so unbelievable.”

Ginger Woechan Art

The product: A variety of scenic paintings from Mobile and surrounding coastal areas.

Take home: A canvas of the Mobile downtown skyline.

Ginger Woechan Art can be found on Facebook or on Instagram.

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