Keep your electric meter clear this fall, and all year long

Keep your electric meter clear this fall, and all year long
Items stacked in front of an electric meter interfere with easy access for Alabama Power specialists. The company asks that customers follow guidelines that can affect both access and safety. (contributed)

Fall has officially arrived – a good time for cleaning up around your yard. And one spot to include as part of your fall cleanup is around your electric meter.

You may not think about your meter, but specialists from Alabama Power do. They need clear access to periodically test the meter and ensure it is operating properly. Testing meters is one important way Alabama Power works to ensure reliable service.

It’s not unusual for Alabama Power personnel to find meters blocked by vegetation and a variety of items, from tires to garbage bins to trash.

So, the next time you are perusing your property, take time to check the meter and make sure it isn’t blocked by shrubbery, vines, debris or other stuff.

Keep safety in mind, especially if you are trimming near the meter, so the equipment doesn’t get damaged. If your meter is behind a gate or fence, make sure it is still accessible to company personnel.

Here are some good rules of thumb to follow when it comes to your meter:

  • Trim bushes, trees or tall grasses that can cover or block the meter.
  • Don’t plant shrubs or trees near the meter that can grow and ultimately restrict access.
  • Make sure there is a clear path to get to your meter, with no obstructions.
  • If possible, keep pets away from the path that leads to your meter.
  • Trim any tree limbs that are hanging less than 6 feet above or around your meter.
  • Ensure your house address is clearly displayed on your residence.

The meter-testing program helps keep the electric system reliable and helps to ensure accurate billing. A clear and easily identifiable path to the meter will help keep utility workers safe when they come to inspect the equipment.

If you have any questions about your meter, your electric service or Alabama Power products and programs, please visit or call Customer Services at 1-800-245-2244.

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