Alabama Maker Resting Pulse Brewing has relaxation on tap

Alabama Maker Resting Pulse Brewing has relaxation on tap
Resting Pulse Brewing Co. tries to have multiple beers that appeal to everyone. (Brittany Dunn / Alabama NewsCenter)

Resting Pulse Brewing Co. (Opelika)

The Makers: David and Terri Plundo and Eric Lindemann

An ale for what ails you? Take two pilsners and call me in the morning? Get me a beer, stout!

There could have been medical puns aplenty when former medical workers David and Terri Plundo decided to turn their desire to own their own business and their love for craft beers into Resting Pulse Brewing Company in downtown Opelika.

Resting Pulse Brewing is an Alabama Maker looking to put you at ease from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

Terri Plundo said it took a few years to bring their vision to life, including a large, open indoor space with room outside for events.

“We could have a big crowd in here and it still feel like you aren’t being walked on or bumped into,” she said. The Plundos plan to expand their space and add distribution soon.

The kitchen is always open at the brewery and with Terri’s Italian heritage she brings in different specials each week, including spaghetti soup. Not surprisingly, the most popular dishes are beer pairing favorites pizzas and jumbo pretzels.

Of course, the center of attention is the beer.

“My goal is always to try to get at least three beers on the wall for any one person who walks in,” said Eric Lindemann, head brewer at Resting Pulse. “My idea is not to have everybody love every one of them, but it sure helps if they do.”

With 15 beers on tap, Resting Pulse is appealing to any set of taste buds, with wheat beers, stouts, red ales, pilsners, west coast bitter IPAs and even a pumpkin pie beer. Yes, pumpkin pie that has 300 pounds of pumpkins in it. The most popular beer is the honey wheat.

Regardless of the style, the goal is to provide a beer that can be enjoyed and put you at ease.

Or, as Plundo put it: “What’s better than coming to a brewery, sitting back and just getting that resting pulse while you have a nice craft brew?”

Resting Pulse Brewing Company

The product: Craft beer with special seasonal offerings.

Take home: A growler of Bee Cool Honey.

Resting Pulse Brewing Company can be found online, on Facebook and on Instagram.

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