Regions Bank expands teacher, student learning with at-home and virtual resources

Regions Bank expands teacher, student learning with at-home and virtual resources
This time spent at home is a good time for children to learn the basics of financing with the Adventures in Math online program from Regions Bank and Scholastic. (Doing More Today)

Since 2013, Regions Bank and Scholastic have teamed up to make financial education more accessible for teachers, parents and students.

Used by teachers and in classrooms across the nation, Adventures in Math provides real-world math and money activities for students in grades K-8. And it can be accessed online from the comfort of home.

Using the online modules, teachers, parents and students can explore the basics of budgeting (spend, save and give), solve word problems and more. Mix-and-match materials include 11 lessons, four student activities and two new family activities. There are also five digital interactive games.

“Regions has been working with Scholastic for several years to provide age-appropriate resources for teachers and students via an academically appropriate and visually appealing website,” said Michele Elrod, head of Corporate Marketing at Regions Bank. “This expanded collection is the next step in our ongoing commitment to provide financial literacy to students. Ninety percent of the site’s traffic is from teachers who have bookmarked it, but there are also easy-to-use lessons and activities parents can download today to help educate their children at home.”

Modules are broken down by grade level (K-2, 3-5, 6-8) and delivered with strong graphics that provoke learning and discussion about new concepts. Examples of the content include:

“Through these virtual options, we are building on our work to teach more students and families the importance of solid money management skills,” said Joye Hehn, Community Financial Education manager at Regions. “And through additional tools on, people of all ages have 24/7 access to a regularly updated source of financial wellness.”

This story originally appeared on Regions Bank’s Doing More Today website.

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