Alabama HBCUs: Tuskegee University

Alabama HBCUs: Tuskegee University
Even institutions as accomplished as Tuskegee University, COVID-19 is creating uncertainty heading into the fall semester. (contributed)

Editor’s note: Alabama NewsCenter is taking a look at several of the state’s historically Black colleges and universities this week.


Tuskegee University is one of those HBCUs whose very name evokes a rich history dating back to its founding and first president, Booker T. Washington.

It is such an established institution that “certainty” is one of those words you might use when talking about it.

But COVID-19 is creating a great deal of uncertainty heading into the fall 2020 semester at Tuskegee University, as the pandemic is with other HBCUs.

Dr. Lily McNair took the helm in 2018 as the first female president of Tuskegee University. She is confident the university has a solid plan to protect the health and safety of the students, faculty and staff and provide a quality education.

The uncertainty is how many students will feel confident in returning in person. A significant drop in enrollment for a semester or two may not be a huge blow to larger institutions, but for HBCUs – even those as accomplished as Tuskegee University – it can be damaging.

Tuskegee University has a plan in place for 2020 fall semester from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

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